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Another Year Down

It's been one hell of a year. Apologies for not updating in so long. I've been fairly busy. With the Update to the Website comes several new series including Cocoons, and the X ray series as well as a few standalone pieces. So make sure to check all that out. Cheers and a happy 2015 to everyone!




End of the Year

With the end of the year comes something exciting to look back on. Reviewing the last few months and seeing a body of work that I worked very hard to produce and that is just as fun to look at as it was to create. Along with finally getting my website up and running, it's been one hell of a ride.


I have a nice surprise on the way for everyone too: the store will be going live in the next few weeks and I couldn't be happier about it so look for that on the way!


Happy Holidays!



Website Live!

Thanks for visiting the new website! It's nice to finally have this thing up and running after so long.


This will be the space where I will be posting any blog sorts of things to go along with any works in progress or announcements that I want to share with you all. But for now, welcome!




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